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Welcome to Palm Branch Farms  est.1993

Welcome to Palm Branch Farms.Please take your time and look through my site.I know you will like it.Currently the farm has Lots of chickens .But with me all things are possible to show up.We tried to have updated pictures added,so enjoy.

I started raising animals when I was four,thanks to my grandma.So she's to blame with starting this fever with animals.My wife and two kids currently help me with the farm.We usually have babies running around to keep us more than busy.Check the egg page and there will be soaps there sometime soon.Thanks all goes to the absolute Grace of God for my family to be able to run our farm and enjoy the things that most take for granted.

remember to thank God always and to give him praise when things are going good.Don't wait until things are bad.Enjoy this site and feel free to leave comments.God Bless.

you can contact me directly at

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White Crested Chocolate Hen

Palm Branch Farms is located in Lima,Ohio.

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