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GOD'S Word for me.

Its funny how God gave us a free will and then to see how we choose to use it.Those of us that read our bibles know that he wants us to worship him,go to him.Just like we would go to our earthly father and talk to him.All he wants is a relationship with us.He is our creator.He let his only son be beaten,whipped,spit on,and in the end.....crucified. He let us pound nails in his own sons feet and hands........for us.
  And how do we choose to live.Most of us like hell.We live for this world.We are consumed by what we can get,not what we have.We work like dogs to buy things we can't use because we're working to pay these things off.Do we really need a new car every two years.Things like that.If the ENEMY can keep us busy with worldly things then we are not going to seek the lords face.The time we're going to spend on this earth is so small compared to the time we'll spend in eternity.Our life here is like a grain of sand on a beach.How are we living our lives?
   We need to have a relationship with the father.In Matthew 7:22 it reads "Many will say to me in that day,Lord,lord,have we not prophesied in thy name?and in thy name have cast out devils?and in thy name done many wonderful works?And I will profess unto them,I never knew you:depart from me,ye that work iniquity"
   These people did the promises that we are promised.They cast out devils,they prophisied,and did many wonderful works yet Jesus said he didn't know them,and to depart from him.I think he's trying to say get to know me. I could read twenty books on Nazi Germany,but would that make me a Nazi?I could read one book about cooking but would that make me a cook? If you've ever eaten my cooking you would most definnetly say no. So If I read the bible will that make me a christian?
  Don't get me wrong,reading the Bible is a big part of our Christian walk,but its just that,a part.Get a relationship with the father.
  He won't give us any more than we can handle.Which is sad.I wan't to heal the sick,cast out devils,and do wonderful works.Why can't we?Are we to busy in this world?How much time do we spend trying to get to know him?There's 168 hours in the week.What do we give him.2 hours on sunday and 2 more on wendsday nite.Are we seeking him how the Bible tells us?
    God never lies to us !! Let me say that again,GOD NEVER LIES TO US ! I had a parent with Cancer.I prayed constantly.At work all day long I'd pray in tongues.My every thought was to pray for healing.For the longest time I heard nothing.Be persistant.Just like when your own kid comes up and says I want this or I want that.Sometimes you say we'll see.But if there persistant you know their serious and you'll give it to them.Be persistant with God.He does things on his own time,not ours.
  Finally God gave me an answer.He said he would lift up her body.That the healing would be there.Months went by and things to the natural eye got worse,much worse.Yet me and my mom stood on the word God gave us.We never looked to the left or to the right.We kept our focus on him.On the last nite she was on this earth.Several family members sat by her side.I sat in prayer beginning to dought his word,I mean really doughting I was hearing him at all.Then  my brother came in and said God told him remember Lazarus.I thought mom's going to die and in he'll bring he back.At that moment I heard him say "nothings to big for me".
   Her breathing got worse and at that time it was like watching a TV screne in my head.I think the father knew I needed to see this.But mom was standing in fromt of Jesus and he was giving her a choice.Stay here with us or go HOME,no brainer if you ask me.At that time all I heard in a loud audible voice was Jesus tell my mom"job well done my faithful servant."She then did something she hadn't done in a will.She opened her eyes and looked at me.Her breathing became as calm as could be.At that moment she was healed as the Lord had promised but she chose to go home.Her job here on earth was done.She helped lead her children to the lord,she helped bring several of her 10 brothers and sisters to the lord and never,never gave up on him.
   She chose to serve him even while going through everything she went through.Will it take something like that for us to give our selves fully to GOD.Will we give him more?
   What he's telling me is,give him everything and he'll give us more.You think you don't have time to read the word in the mourning.Get up an hour early and read.He will multiple your sleep and you will feel better all day.If you give everything he'll multiply every aspect of your life.But be warned there is a catch. You will live a much more fullfilled life.He will give you things that are unimaginable to the mind.The first step is to chose him.Get to know him,talk to him.He's a nice guy and he'll talk to you how you need talked to.It could be a "thus sayith' or hey dude,its ok.
 I challege ever reader of this to get close to him.Pray every mourning for that fresh bread.Let him give you something new everyday.Don't keep chewing on that same worldly crap everyday.Let him refresh you.Ask for blessings for yourself.He'll give them to you.He wants us to prosper,and through him we shall.Give yourself to him,re-commit yourself to him.Chose him.You only have two destinations at the end of this life.Are you 100% sure where you'll go?Chose him and and you will.Thanks for reading and may God bless you for all your days.