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Standard Polish
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Welcome to Palm Branch Farms Standard Breed polish.


Here's a few pictures of my Bearded White Crested Blacks.I had a few then obtained a couple males from Joel Henning and some pullets from Carol Foersch.

I've also been dabbling with bearded White Crested Blues so stay tuned on the results of these guys.


                   You can really see her beard in this Photo.They also tend to throw extra black in the crest but has been getting lighter and lighter every breeding season.The males I got from Joel Henning will help with the size of body.


Here's my Black crested White Male.These are my primary standard breed.


These are Non Bearded Black Polish and I think they are coming right along and should start showing up at the shows next year.

White Crested Chocolate Large Fowl Pullet


White Crested Blue.I added some great birds from Joel Henning this spring.


      Blue crested white ckl

There are several other varieties in the works but will wait until they are better looking before posting any pictures.I'm currently working to get standard Creole's and large fowl Buff Frizzle.White Crested Cockoo's are hot and heavy in the plans as well.Stay tuned for more pictures.