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  I sell alot of hatching eggs and always let people know that when buying hatching eggs there is a degree of risk involved.First of all I only send fresh eggs that come from matings that are producing prior to me even offering them for sale.I won't sell eggs unless I'm hatching them out to.I usually always set eggs every sunday and I know whats fertile and whats not.
   The gamble on hatching eggs is that after I wrap each egg in bubble wrap,wrap the carton in bubble wrap,and gently pack each carton in the shipping box so there's no movement.I have to give them to a postal employee.Thats the catch.I can't control what happens to them after they leave my hands.
  My rule of thumb is to have at least half hatch.Thats what I usually hear.I have heard less and I've heard alot more.I do ask that you check the air sacks prior to incubation.This is a good indicator how they handled the trip.Also spray the eggs with some Tek-Trol prior to incubating.A sanitized incubator will help out tremendously.
  Cost for assorted bantam eggs depends on the variety wanted and the rareity of the birds as well.I sell alot of assortments and this tends to get you several variety's and has sold very well.You can order just one variety but the price does go up.
   Black crested white eggs are quite expensive due to I'm only one of a few breeders of these.Remember they also do not breed true and are not for the faint of heart.
  If you want to order a dozen eggs,do it early as I'm almost always behind filling orders.Cost for eggs varies like I stated above so just get a hold of me and I can tell you what they're going for.