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  My Name is Jim Parker.I live near Lima,Ohio with my wife ,LaNell, and two children, Jesse and Kaitlyn. We attend the Agape Fellowship church in Spencerville, Ohio. I am currently  working with the youth of our church and have done so since around January of 2000.
   I had my first taste of God when my mother started to take us to my grandfathers church. He was a Baptist minister from Kentucky. I was eight and church wasn't my idea of fun on a sunday mourning. To be honest it was just plain boring for the youth. Looking back and being able to listen to some recordings, Grandpa did some good preaching back then. I did as most teen agers did, (unfortunutly) and left the church and did my own thing. I didn't even think about church again until the summer of 1999 when my brother invited me to his little country church. They were having a tent meeting. I was hooked. It wasn't long when I gave myself over to God. 9/9/99 is a easy date to remember and thats the day I became a new man. It wasn't long when I was approached by the youth teacher and asked if i wanted to help. The kids would always flock to me so it seemed like a good match.
   My first class was on Noah's ark. I read a story out of a book with some illustrations. It was a great class but God started talking to me about the kids. The more he talked the more excited I got. "Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he gets old, he won't depart from it".
    God started to give me characters about good Biblical principals with todays situations. He was turning me into a teacher that no longer read story's but to become them. God said, " you are actually competing with video games and movies like Harry Potter. You will bring my stories to life".
   So I started to buy costumes and had some made as well. When God gives me a lesson to give the children, they live it, and not just learn it. Church was a fun thing for them and not how it was for me as a child.
   But God didn't stop there. He put in my heart a desire to give every kid in this world a chance to accept him in his life. But God also wants every one of us to have that chance. So that is my passion for this world. His children.
  Children need a chance. I was on a missions trip to Belize where I had the chance to minister to a childrens home and the stories of those kids was heart wenching. One child was found in a garbage bin. Sorry, but God doesn't make junk. This home is my main focus right now. They have a building designed to house 25 kids filled with over 55 kids. Needs need to be met. When I was there. Over 15 kids accepted the lord in their lives. Spiritual needs are starting to be met, physical needs are next. There is more about this trip on this site and more.
    I want to thank you for looking and would like you to take a good look around the site and think about inviting me to your church. Let me help bring out stories that many over look and let me bring them alive for you. Help me bring God into the lives of the children in Belize or where ever God leads me next. Let's not let any person slip through our fingers.
  The other day a young little 9 year old girl was killed in my drive way. She was here trying to sell lemonaid. She was struck and killed by a car. My son was close friends with her. He cried and cried but his first thought was if she knew Jesus....... We all need to have this mind set. Does your kids have a relationship with Christ? Do their friends? Help me make a difference.
  Thanks and God bless,
                           Jim Parker